Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bug Removal Denver

Bed Bug Removal Denver

The number of bed bugs is increasing continuously in last few years. In the USA, it is reported that 40-60% of residences have bed bugs. Scientists say that bed bugs are neither dangerous, nor do they spread any serious and incurable diseases. However, they can still make your life miserable.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs, scientifically called Cimex lectularius, are small living creatures that one can hardly see with the naked eye. Bed bugs belong to the insect class and there are many species of bed bugs and each has its unique characteristics.

Bed bugs are usually locaed in homes, hotels, public buildings, and anywhere where they can find warm blooded humans. They can hide themselves in tiny cracks and crevices, sheets, mattresses, furniture, electrical outlets, and other places.

Major bed bug infestations finished after WW II in the 1940s. However, as more people traveled internationally, they made their way back to the U.S. from Asia, Africa, and other continents. All bed bugs require is a dark place in a purse, handbag, suitcase, or any other object, to hitch a ride to the United States. Once there, people continue to spread them from one location to another.

Bed bugs will attack any area of your skin that they can find. They leave bites that are much bigger than mosquito bites, and the bites cause you to itch much more, leaving your skin swollen.

This is the time to think about how to control bed bugs. Scientists have developed many insecticides and pesticides to kill bed bugs. Scientists are also working at permanent control on bed bugs increasing number and to protect this planet from them.

Bed Bug Removal Denver – Conclusion

The worst part about bed bugs is that once your home is infested, you will more than likely need to have them moved professionally. Clutter Trucker provides professional bed bug treatment in Denver. Don’t allow bed bugs to ruin your daily life. Instead, let us get rid of them for you.