Bed Bugs | National Geographic

- March 4, 2017



Don’t doze off just yet. Maybe they should be called bed blood bugs, an army of these can attack a person 500 times in one night!
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Bed Bugs | National Geographic

National Geographic

Comments (6603)

  • I'm on my bed watching this and I got up and checked my bed I have no bed bugs and I was like thank god

    Beauty And more - 4 days ago

  • How to get bed bugs away: Step 1, play cancerous music, Step 2, they gone :)

    datboidoeXD - 1 week ago

  • so goodnight everyone 🙂

    Chaos Hog43 - 3 weeks ago

  • S U C C

    Ooky Spooky Chic - 1 month ago

  • What the?! I didn't know how to properly clean my bed every night!

    Theresa Hope - 1 month ago

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