How to Find Bed Bugs in Your House

Here at Clutter Trucker, we often get asked how to find bed bugs in your house.

Bed bugs are small insects that can end up in your home or workplace. They have become a major problem for many people, since the banning of DDT, a bed bug killing pesticide. DDT practically eradicated them in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Unfortunately, as people began to travel more, and bed bugs became more resistant to sprays, they began to spread all across the United States and the world. Many major cities, such as New York City, have infestations in some areas.

If you think that you can avoid bed bugs by keeping your home clean, then think again! It is not true that neat and clean households do not harbor bed bugs. People think that only dirty place contain bed bugs, but there are equal chances of having infestations in clean places.

Basically, bed bugs hide themselves the entire day. They don’t fly openly in the air like other insects. They only come out of their hiding places when the lights are off at night. As you sleep, they crawl on you and bite you without you knowing about it.


How to Find Bed Bugs in Your Home


If you want to see bed bugs, then it is very difficult. If you feel them biting you in the night, and you quickly turn on the lights, you might see them in your bed. Other than that, they are very good at hiding.

If you know what they look like, then you can easily recognize these insects with the naked eye. Nocturnal insects are not normally visible during the daylight, and bed bug belong in this category.

Bed bugs mostly come out of their hiding place and search for their food at night. They are reddish brown insects without wings. They have an oval body shape, and they are flat unless they are filled with human blood.

You can also smell bed bugs. They have a musty, sweet smell, and you might notice this odd odor in your room if you have a bed bugs infestation.

If you want to find bed bugs in your bedroom, then you should first check the mattress and change its position. After checking the mattress, check its edge lining and sides.

Bed bugs can also be found on your clothes, bed covers, pillows, curtains, electrical outlets, and sofas. They can be found just about anywhere in the house. You should always wash your clothes at the hottest temperature possible, and use a dryer at its highest temperature to make sure you kill them.

Ideally, you can kill bed bugs at 113°F if they are exposed for at least one hour. Freezing temperatures can kill bed bugs, but it must remain at that temperature for three to four days to be safe.



How to Find Bed Bugs in Your Home – Conclusion


If you would like to know more about bed bugs, visit our site. If you are in the Denver area, and need to get rid of bed bugs, contact Clutter Trucker for an appointment.

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