How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in 4 Easy Steps

- March 27, 2017



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In this video, I’m going to show you how you can get rid of bed bugs in just 4 easy steps. This is a proven, professional-grade treatment process that will stop the biting from the very first night.

Products used in this video:

SafeRest Premium mattress encasements:
ClimbUp XL Insect Interceptors:
ZappBug Heater:
Vapamore MR-100 Primo bed bug steamer:
Atrix Bug Sucker HEPA backpack vacuum:
STERI-FAB contact spray:
Bedlam Plus residual spray:
JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs contact spray:
JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs Plus residual spray:
JT Eaton diatomaceous earth residual powder:

Comments (592)

  • Napalm, agent orange and BLU-82 "daisy cutters". Use flamethrower as desired. Sorry but carpet bombing is the only way you're gonna kill these bastards!

    tvercetti1 - 1 week ago

  • It's not the bugs themselves that get to me its the psychological scarring they leave behind. Constantly looking over your shoulder, looking at your walls and ceiling just waiting to see a dot where one wasn't a few minutes ago. Not being able to sleep peacefully because you think one might be in bed with you the fact that they feed while you're sleeping is the worst they get you when you're most vulnerable. You can't sit and relax in your favorite chair because you've seen them there too. You keep getting told that you need to throw out all your furniture but you can't afford new furniture and if you got used furniture you might as well be welcoming the fact that they could be infesting that as well. The vicious cycle is only made more due to the fact that the price to get rid of these things are so high. Every exterminator I've spoken to has told me it'll cost a bloody fortune a fortune I nor my family has we scrape by as it is. And the judging people always think you're disgusting when they don't understand that even a super clean and tight knit person can get these things and when you see one there's always more and the horror show begins. So it's not the bugs that get me they're just doing what instinct has them programmed to do but it's the psychological damage they do to a person just by being them. It's amazing how a tiny little thing can wreak so much havoc on a person.

    Subsaibot2526 - 1 week ago

  • I had to sleep in my car because of these bastard

    Suzanne Sinclair - 1 week ago

  • I don't know if I have bed bugs but I find super tiny black bugs on my bed and I kill them

    Its_Just_Ashley - 1 week ago

  • This video shows a great well-rounded approach to solving the problem.  It does take some effort indeed, but it is not the doomsday scenario that you hear from some people.  And thanks for brining up the important fact that cutting off their food supply is a key part to getting rid of them -- something I almost never hear from the media articles that have covered this subject.

    John Nastrom - 2 weeks ago

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